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7 Aug

It’s Summertime, and Making Popsicles Is Easy

Top Pops (click on cover to buy)
55 All-Natural Frozen Treats to Make at Home
by Emily Zaiden

$16.99/$18.99 Can.
112 pages, trade paperback with French flaps

I don’t know about you, but when the heat hits, I’m the type of person who’s running indoors to the nearest air conditioner, sipping on iced tea, and savoring some popsicles. With our new book Top Pops, I have been on a popsicle-making spree and keeping cool in process! They are the perfect treat to satisfy my sweet tooth and refresh me on a hot summer day.

On a particularly sweltering Saturday a few weeks ago, I cracked open the pages of Top Pops and took my first stab at popsicle making. Since it was so hot out, I knew that I wanted something fruity and refreshing. Since I love mangoes, when I saw the Mango Lime pops recipe, I just couldn’t resist. I called a friend, we bought the ingredients, and whipped up the popsicle “batter” in a matter of minutes, using my trusty friend: the immersion blender.

As I was blending the mangos, lime juice, zest, water, and sugar together, my friend was flipping through the pages of the book, and discovered the Mango Chili Margarita recipe in the Tipsy Pops section of the book. It was essentially the same exact recipe as the Mango Lime one, except tequila and a dash of chili powder are added for a kick! So we divided up the “batter” and made one batch of the Tipsy version.

Mango Chili Margarita pops in their molds


Hours later, we had ourselves a popsicle fiesta! The Mango Lime pops were deliciously refreshing, while the Margarita pops were just…wow! The tequila and chili powder gave the popsicles an earthy flavor that was deceptively subtle and sweet.


Enjoying my Mango Lime pop

Since my first foray in to pop-making, I’ve since tried the Apricot Honey Yogurt, which were super simple to make and had a nice tangy flavor from the yogurt, and the Avocado Vanilla pops, which are a unique, but deliciously creamy treat.

Apricot Honey Yogurt

Avocado Vanilla

Avocado Vanilla

Top Pops is written by Emily Zaiden, the founder of The Popshop in L.A., which was recently picked by for having some of the best ice pops in the country! Emily divides her recipes into eight sections:

  • Creamsicles & Pudding Pops
  • Fruity & Fresh Pops
  • Coffee & Tea Pops
  • Pops Around the World
  • Kids’ Picks
  • Holidays on Ice
  • Tipsy Pops
  • Pop Therapy

So there’s an icy treat to satisfy any craving. Kids will love the classic flavors and the deliciously sweet fruity pops and creamsicles, while their parents will love the fact that the recipes are high-flavor AND low-sugar, plus the coffee, tea, and tipsy pops! And if you have a few too many tipsy pops, there are even popsicle recipes to help ease an upset stomach in the Pop Therapy section!


Mexican Fudgesicle


Watermelon Mint Julep


The steps for making popsicles are so quick and easy that it can become addictive! As soon as I emptied a batch of pops, I found myself going straight back to the book to see which recipe to try out next. And with the new quick-freeze popsicle molds that are coming out in the market (it can take under 10 minutes to freeze a batch!) I can really see myself testing out every recipe in this book! And when I run out of recipes, I’ll use the Seasonal Flavors Chart and the Flavor Inspirations to Mix and Match section to start experimenting with my very own popsicle flavors! What popsicle flavors would you like to taste?



Kiwi Clementine


Chocolate Peppermint


Blackberry Lime Verbena


I'm an assistant editor at St. Martin's Press. I caught the crafting bug when I was little and I wouldn't let my parents leave the store without buying me a crafting kit---any crafting kit! I wove baskets, folded origami, made jewelry, and painted glass. I'm an avid, but impatient knitter, so I'm always choosing projects that I can finish over a weekend. I also love to cook and bake. When I'm not working in the office working on craft books, my weekend consists of , well...making something with my hands. I'm usually scouring whatever's fresh at the farmer's market or food co-op, trying out new recipes, and working on my latest craft project.

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