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1 Nov

Freebie Friday: Cozy Crocheted Slipper Boots

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the holidays just beyond that, and winter starting to creep around the edges of Fall, I’m feeling the need to find ways to get cozy and hunker down for winter.  Some of my favorite winter treats to indulge in are: hot chocolate, sleeping under a down comforter, sticking oranges full of cloves… and pulling my cozier pair of slippers out of the closet.

With these thoughts in mind, I’ve decided that my next crochet project will be a pair of cozy slipper boots.  I found a great pattern in one of the books on my bookshelf at work and I can’t wait to give it a try.  Anyone want to try it along with me?  :-)  If you do click below to download the project for free… and stop back here afterwards and post pictures!  I’ll do the same…

Crochet Free Project Download – Cozy Slipper Boots


If you feel particularly inspired, check out the full book – it’s got several great projects like this one!

simple crocheting

Powell’s Books


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110 comments on “Freebie Friday: Cozy Crocheted Slipper Boots
  1. Ronnie says:

    Looms are not very good the prongs break.

    Thank You

  2. Lidija says:

    Thank you for this lovely pattern.The best slippers and very easy to make.

  3. Selena says:

    Thank you, Thank you for this pattern, it took me several goes but I got there in the end.
    Why I kept getting stuck was because right at the end of round 7 the pattern said TURN, so because of this the next row which was supposed to be the top of the foot I ended up doing along the side of the slipper! As this was a first descent go at doing slippers I got confused easily. I just wanted to let you know this to help you. I am so thrilled with this pattern and how the slippers look finished off on the edges. I bought the exact colour bulky yarn in the end as I first made a pair with thinner wool and a 5 and a half hook which changed the size dramatically, but I suppose this could be a way of doing different sizes. These slippers are so unique as they give the foot an edge rather than just rounded. Thank you so much.

  4. Jamie says:

    I’m looking for the pattern, can you post it again, or post where I can find it?

    • Hi Jamie!

      If you click the link “Crochet Free Project Download – Cozy Slipper Boots” the pattern will still be there.

      Have fun and thanks for stopping by SMP Craft! Be sure to share your booties with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find us: @smpcraft on all three!

      • Theresa says:

        I’ve clicked on the link you mentioned above but I still don’t get it, is it still available? Can you help I really would like to try an make them. Thanks

  5. Ashlyn says:

    Is this pattern in US terms?

  6. Karen says:

    I have tried clicking the download, but I still can’t get the pattern.

  7. I was so excited to start the cozy slippers, and now I am just so confused. I too am not sure if I am suppose to TURN at the end of row 7…..and also…I can not get passed row 6. I am not sure about where to place the 11 sc’s for the instep and where to join with a slst. Row 6 is the only row out of the whole pattern that has kept me from finishing this project..HELP!

    • Denise R. says:

      I am confused at this point also. It says: Row 6 1 sc in each sc to last sc, 2 sc in last sc, then work 11 sc across instep (row-end edges), join with a slip stitch to first sc. Row 7 CH 1, 1 sc in same place as ss, 1 sc in each sc to end…

      Okay, so row 6 if you are single-crocheting around to last sc and then putting 2 in the last sc, where does the 11 start? AND how do you start Row 7 in first sc?

      So confused.

  8. monique m. fermin says:

    I too am have problems with row 6 to row 7, please help. thanks

  9. Melissa says:

    I am also confused as to where to put the 11sc at round 6. I can’t figure it out…I’m sure it’s something simple that I’m not thinking of, but I need some help!!!

  10. Nicole H says:

    Hello! I just love this pattern and the way it looks like an actual shoe and isn’t rounded. However, I seem to have stumbled upon a troublesome spot that I can’t get past. If anyone could be so kind as to help me I would greatly appreciate it!! The spot in which I’m stuck is round 6 where the instep is created. I don’t quite know where to put the 11sc. Thank you in advance.

  11. Carrie says:

    please assist me with the instep as well, I am confused as to where to put the 11 stitches

  12. Julie says:

    I need help figuring out where the 11 sc for the instep go as well. Thanks in advance

  13. CJ says:

    Hey guys! So i’m no expert crocheter myself, and I really struggled to understand the row 6-7 thing too, but I think I got it! As far as I know, and what worked for me, was that you finish off the row, and then where the “V” is, where your pieces are now separated, that’s where the 11 stitches go! I googled “row-end” crochet, and that’s what I got from it. So you go around the row like normal, and then crochet the sides of that “V” to kind of finish/start off the part that will go around your ankle and to the top of your foot. From then on you will continue crocheting on that V until it turns into the flat part on the top of your foot. I hope that helps at least one person, if anyone will see this! xo

  14. Isa says:

    I love this pattern so far but for the life of me, I’m utterly stuck at row 6/7. Please help! I would love to finish these off.

  15. Jenn says:

    I too am stuck on round 6&7 of the instep?? Can someone please help me out?


  16. melanie laverdiere says:

    I just love the look of this slippers but don’t know what to do on row 6. Hope to get little help, i just start crochet and speak french….please help soon…ty

    • Véronique says:

      Il ne faut pas faire le slip stich à la fin des round 1à5 dans heel. Ça fait le V où on fait les 11sts du round 6.

      Quand tu fais le round 7, les 11sts sont inclus.

      Les 14sts du row 8 vont se trouver là où tu as fait les 11sts.

      J’espère que cela va t’éclairer.

  17. I loved as much as you will receive carried out right here.

    The sketch is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish.
    nonetheless, you command get got an edginess over
    that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come further formerly again since exactly
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  18. Véronique says:

    That row 6 with its unclear instruction… Relieved to see that I am ”normal”.

    Is it a trick to get our e-mail adress? Only way to post comment and maybe, only maybe, get some explanations.

    Standing by.

  19. Véronique says:

    Sorry about the Paranoia!!!

    Here’s the thing.

    Round 1 to 5… It does not say to slip stich at the end of the round. So we should not slip stich there.

    This forms the V cj was talking about. And this is where the 11 stitches of round 6 go.

    Round 7 includes these 11 stitches.

    And these 11 stitches give you the 14 stitches of row 8.

    Hopefully this helps.

    • Marie Estrada says:

      Thanks for the explanation, Veronique!

    • gayla schepker says:

      in row 6 and 7 I understand to do the seven stitches around the v. At the end of row 6 it says join with a slip stitch to first sc I don’t understand this. and then how is there only 14 stitches in round 8? Is row 4 & 5, 29 sc.
      Thank you

  20. kim says:

    I would really love to have the free project download but the link button tekst doesn’t work anymore.
    Is that correct or just coincidence????

    Regards Kim (holland)

  21. sandra says:

    beautiful pattern
    thinking of trying it!
    could you explain what WS and RS mean?
    thank you

  22. Louise Dumoulin says:

    J’aimerais avoir le patron pour la botte chausson Cozy grise. Je ne suis pas capable d’avoir votre livre ….

  23. Bea says:

    Har du ngr mönster på svenska ?

  24. Alison says:

    The link to download the pattern isn’t working for me. How might I obtain this pattern (preferrably for free) via a simple download? I love the look of this slipper for my “someday son-in-law”. Have many projects to crochet for Christmas and don’t want to delay. Thank you so much… Can’t wait to make these for him!

    • Marie Estrada says:

      Hi, Alison. We double-checked the pdf download on multiple browsers and the file seems to be downloading fine. A pdf is the simplest version. Please check your email — I’ve sent it to you as an attachment. Perhaps that will work?

  25. Rachel Dew says:

    Did we ever get a clear answer/directions for 6&7/instep? Clear enough that a beginner can understand. I’m so lost.

    • Marie Estrada says:


      Try Veronique’s posted solution. It’s clear and for a beginner. Cut and pasted here: Heel
      Round 1 to 5… It does not say to slip stich at the end of the round. So we should not slip stich there.

      This forms the V cj was talking about. And this is where the 11 stitches of round 6 go.

      Round 7 includes these 11 stitches.

      And these 11 stitches give you the 14 stitches of row 8.

      Hopefully this helps.

  26. ItaMcConville says:

    Please explain ’round’ 6, instep of slipper. How can this be a round/? could you give a diagram for this please. I am very frustrated trying to solve it. Thanks for otherwise lovely pattern.

    • Marlene says:

      when it comes to row 6 and says not to slip stitch at end…you also don’t join the round and it creats a big v shape after a few rows that goes on top of the foot and to the toe…took me a few stabs to figure it out but I did finally….

  27. Catie says:

    Please email me the pattern I tried it wouldn’t open.
    Thank you!

  28. Catie says:

    Please send me the pattern.

  29. Katie Chapman says:

    I have this book & its great but I’m really confused. How can you post copyright pages from books, online without getting in trouble. I know someone that shared recipes online from a book & she had to a fine. The book was only £5 from the book people. Really worth the money.

  30. Marlene says:

    when it comes to row 6 and says not to slip stitch at end…you also don’t join the round and it creats a big v shape after a few rows that goes on top of the foot and to the toe…took me a few stabs to figure it out but I did finally….

  31. Melissa says:

    I love this!!! Can you please email me the pattern? Thank you

  32. micah says:

    I seem to not be able to open this pattern. I see lot of people has not been able to open it. Has this been resolved? I did try the dirct link in someones commit but still nothing. I hope it fixed soon cuz these r so cute!

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  35. Thanks – I printed this out. Can’t wait to try them =D

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  38. Brenda says:

    Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern.

  39. perla says:

    Please, could you send me the pattern. Cozy slippers boots. I can’t get it. Thanks.

  40. Cherilyn says:

    Can you email me the download? It isn’t working for me either but would love to give these a shot for Christmas. Thanks!

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  46. rebecca w. says:

    love these! and so simple to make. i crocheted several using the original pattern then changed up the cuff on my latest pair(s). pics of all are on my pinterest.
    thanks for posting this great pattern – have been enjoying using up a lot of wool yarn that i had no idea what to do with :)

    • Marie Estrada says:

      WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing your process and pinterest images, Rebecca!

    • Deni says:

      If you found these so simple to make can you please help all the confused folk on rds 6&7 please. I myself am past beginner but struggling. Thank you for your time

  47. susan says:

    I can’t load the pattern on my phone at all. Please email! Thank you!

  48. Adrianna says:

    I was wondering if there is a video that shows how to crochet these boots. If there is could someone please send me the link thank you!!! :)

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  51. Mary says:

    I couldn’t download the pattern on my devices (phone, ipad, kindle fire) to store but I could download on computer to print. that might be the problem some people are experiencing

  52. Judy Kennedy says:

    Please send me this boot paytern. I could not get it either. I want to make them too. Thank you for your help.

  53. Denise Hoffman says:

    love this pattern but when you get to the instep section, it gets confusing. Has anyone taken step by step pictures? This would help tremendously. Would love to them. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish without a video or pics. I’m confused.

    • Roz says:


      I was stuck on “round” 6 and 7. But I figured out that these are not worked in a round as the pattern states. Follow the pattern and when it says “work 11 sc across instep”, these stitches are done in the “V” that was created from the previous rows. When it says “join with a slip stitch…”, DO NOT do this. TURN and continue with row 7 (again, DO NOT join with slip stitch as the end of this row). Hope with helps.

  54. Kellie says:

    Hello! This looks like a great pattern! I love the slippers! I’m really not trying to be obnoxious, but I was wondering if you had permission from the author or publisher to give this out for free. I’d like to make the slippers, but I’d like to know if the pattern is used with permission so that I can buy the book if it’s not. Thanks!

    • Kellie says:

      Ah! I just did some more looking around on the blog and I’m realizing that you are a blog for the publisher! I’m sorry I didn’t understand that sooner. Thank you for offering the pattern for free!! And the book looks beautiful. Thanks again! And, again, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding!

  55. maggie says:

    Thanks for sharing this bootie pattern. A tad confusing in a couple of places but easy to work thru that. Only thing is the pattern for leather/felt to go on bottom is on page 143 & not provided in the free download. I made a pair but don’t know how to share in this comment:-(

  56. Abigail says:

    Hi, I am a beginner and I can’t read patterns very well. I was wondering if anybody had a video of them actually doing it? I can only learn by watching at this point. Thanks in advance!

  57. Joan says:

    I had no problem crocheting the slippers, but there is no template for the leather bottoms. Could you email me the template? Thanks!

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  62. Nadine says:

    here are one of the four pairs I made for my family! Thank you very much!

  63. Nadine says:

    Here are one of the four pairs I made for my family. Thank you very much for the pattern.

  64. Tata fallon says:

    Is there a video tutorial for this? Solid beginner but feeling lost a bit

  65. Tara fallon says:

    I’m a solid beginner but a little lost, is there a video tutorial?

  66. Yvonne says:

    I can’t download this pattern….please email me it if possible…thanks Yvonne

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  68. Lora says:

    I love these things! I doubled the bottoms and used (ws) crochet for the top of the foot and the soles to give them some extra warmth! I also had some leather scraps laying around and made a great sole! I wish I could share a pic! THANKS!!

  69. rosie says:

    Son preciosas!! consegui traducir las indicaciones y las he comenzado pero me quede atorada….. ups!! seria posible que incluyeran imagenes o algo asi como un tutorial para terminarlas??? GRACIAS!!!

  70. Rachel says:

    I have not been able to download this pattern despite using my laptop, firefox and copying the link into a new window. could you email me the pattern please. i am looking forward to trying this pattern. thanks

  71. Paula says:

    Thank you for this pattern, I showed my husband the photo and he said he would love a pair of these. Since they are unisex, I believe that I will try to make us both a pair. I’m just starting to get back into crochet again and I can’t wait to give these a try for my husbands upcoming birthday.

  72. tiffany says:

    It seems this is for a size whzt 6. Why is the sole so much thinner then the top of the shoe? If you count the st in the picture her pattern is much different. I see this often with patterns. I’d like to see someones made project. As a a id crocheter, im not convinced. I didnt have problems with following the pattern; however when you are finished at the last row you have 8 st and the sole has 4 st at the toe end. Thats the first question. Second she has an actual whole other peice (it looks like), on the bottom where the heel is. I love it but I dont like have to improvise patterns, like I will on the sole to even fit this together. Unfortunately.
    Tia for any help.

  73. Brigitte Whitley says:

    Could you please email my the free pattern for cozy crocheted slipper boots. Thank you

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This month, we sit down with Marisa Edghill, craft designer, washi tape aficionado, and author of Washi Style! Make it with paper tape. Marisa grew up in a house filled with glitter, pretty paper, and an inherent love of craft. Which is to say her love of all things handmade started early! Well-known for her washi tape creations, Marisa blogs about her crafty adventures online at
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Marisa Edghill author of Washi Style

doilies and coasters

Your little monster will be the envy of the bus stop with this Project of the Month: a little lamb hat and neck ruff with matching legwarmers and mittens from More Monster Knits for Little Monsters 20 Super-Cute Animal-Themed Hat and Mitten Sets to Knit.In a stylish cream color (not as white as snow) people will be asking, Mary who?

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