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5 Feb

Upscale Downhome GAME DAY: Recipes and Party Ideas for your Super Bowl Party!

Last minute SUPER BOWL SUNDAY party?

Whether you’re hosting or a guest needing to bring something for the potluck…


TODAY, February 5th, before 5pm EST, pre-order Rachel Hollis’ Upscale Downhome: Family Recipes All Gussied Up and you’ll get an exclusive digital copy of Upscale Downhome Gameday, which includes five recipes perfect for your Super Bowl party, as well as some great Super Bowl party planning ideas! Three of the recipes inside are from the cookbook, which goes on sale in October, which means you’re getting a sneak peek before anyone else. Two of them are totally new and not available anywhere but in this cool download!

Upscale Downhome features recipes that are “a mix of my down-home roots and the upscale presentation I’ve learned from living in Los Angeles for the last fifteen years,” Rachel reveals. “This book is a perfect testament to my life long love affair with food. It has the sugar cookie recipe my mom made me as a child, the chicken and dumplings I craved while pregnant. It has the turkey chili recipe which was the first dish I perfected as a newlywed. And the cocktail I drank in my early twenties… it’s the story of my life, as told in food. Upscale Downhome is filled with casseroles, slow cooker recipes, desserts, drinks and there’s even an entire section on dishes you can make with the leftovers from the recipes in other chapters!”

Remember, once you pre-order, go to this page to retrieve your Upscale Downhome Game Day mini-cookbook!


Barnes & Noble

Broncos? Panthers?

Whichever team you’re rooting for…


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19 Jan

DIY Tissue Box Car Crafts!

Winter has officially arrived on the east coast. And with it sniffly drippy noses. On the bright side, those empty tissue boxes? Loads of crafting potential!

Grab those boxes, some scissors, and colored tape and Voila! Transform them into convertible race cars. The perfect craft to do on a snowy or cold day with the kids.


Start with decorating the box with tape

Check out the finished convertible cars made by my niece (seven) and nephew (10) for direction and inspiration. They used colored tape for headlights, tail lights and the grill. For the windshield and wheels they used scrap paper and taped them on. My nephew, particularly crafty and artistic, also drew a paper man to sit in his new green convertible.


Finished Tissue Box Cars by Sienna and Liam

The possibilities are endless! VROOM VROOM happy crafting!

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20 Dec

The Force Awakens… a DARTH TRUMP PIÑATA!



“May the Force be with you. Meditate.”

HA! Just when you thought you’d heard and seen it all. Then you get wind of this project: a Darth Trump Piñata filled with candy and crackers for a Star Wars-themed costume party.


DARTH TRUMP or DONALD VADER (depending on your perspective.)


Princess Leia versus Donald Vader

Full disclosure. My big sister made it. And she’s an artist. When I asked her to describe the process, “Tape, glue gun, and cardboard reinforcements–so easy!” was her semi-helpful answer.

Here’s how she did it:


One half Darth Vader one half Donald Trump


The fusing and construction with reinforced cardboard begins!


Glue gunning the head(s).


More reinforcing with cardboard strips.

Admittedly, I’m skeptical. Easy for seasoned artists and expert crafters perhaps.

But don’t stop yourself from trying to make your own mashup piñata… I’m already imagining a Winged Hillary or fairytale or fantasy creatures.

Here’s the finale… the pièce de résistance…the mash up getting mashed up by the kids at the party.


Let the Darth Trump Piñata mashing and bashing begin!

May The Force awaken… more crafting in you.

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8 Dec

Happy National Brownie Day: 7 Ways to Make Reindeer Brownies!

Who needs an excuse to make brownies? Today’s your lucky day.

Make some brownies. Make some reindeer brownies. Eat some. Then spread holiday cheer and share with friends and coworkers. Do it! Do it! It’s National Brownie Day!

Brownie Reindeer Recipe via tastefullysimple

Rudolf Brownie Cupcakes via Pillsbury

Reindeer Brownies via Taste of Home

Christmas Reindeer Brownie Balls via chocoley

Reindeer Brownie Bites (No-Bake) via plainchicken

Christmas Cheer Reindeer Bite-Size Brownie via Wilton

Easy to Make Reindeer Brownies via eatingonadime

Easy to Make Reindeer Brownies via eatingonadime

Interested in continuing the edible creations adventure? Cookies? How about this gorgeous gift-worthy cookie “jewelry” box? The project is FREE TO DOWNLOAD (click here or the image) and comes from 50 Deliciously Decorative Cookies: Easy-to-Make Cookie Creations by Fiona Pearce.

CLICK to download for FREE the Cookie “Jewelry Box”

Find 50 Deliciously Decorative Cookies at your favorite bookseller:

Barnes & Noble



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3 Dec

Crafts, Cocktails, and Laughs at Industry City Distillery: 12/19!

SMPCraft just got the inside scoop on a Crafternoon event happening on Saturday, December 19, at Industry City Distillery in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, complete with drink specials. And it’s followed by a comedy show. And they’re both FREE!


Follow Industry City Distillery on Instagram @drinkicd

To join Crafternoon, please RSVP to Nina’s Facebook invite:

Though don’t be deterred by the RSVP. It’s appreciated but not a prerequisite for entry if you’re able to come at the last minute.

WHEN: Saturday, December 19. 4pm – 8:30pm. All drinks are 1/2 off before 6pm. After 6pm, drinks are $1 off. There’s also a tasting menu if you get hungry. Comedy show starts at 9pm.

WHERE: City Industry Distillery’s Tasting Room and Bar, 33 35th Street, Fl 6, Brooklyn, NYC, 11232. (718) 305-6951.

Industry City Distillery, part of the City Foundry Project, is one of the most innovative distilleries in New York. Their vodka, which is distilled from sugar beets, is the result of an onsite laboratory, full machine shop, and letterpress studio–all designed and built in Brooklyn by their collective of self proclaimed nerds!

For Crafternoon, you’re highly encouraged to bring your own materials for your projects. There will be a limited supply of various crafting materials and tools such as origami paper, yarn, a few craft books (origami, macrame, sewing, knitting and crochet). There may be a sewing machine. There’s also a Micro Center around the corner from the space where you can pick up makery/hackery type objects before you come.

While Nina will likely be crocheting or quilting (and playing with the distillery’s resident cat Ambassador Scratchy), Nina’s interpretation of “crafts” is intentionally loose. During Crafternoon, feel free to craft the next chapter of your novel, draw a portrait, even design a game! This is the perfect place and time to let your creative side loose. Finish knitting that neglected scarf! Make holiday presents! One thing, if your project has the potential to get messy, as in needing a tarp messy, contact Nina ahead of time so she can clear it with the distillery.

Ah. And if anyone can make the arduino board for/teach Nina to make this pulsing iNecklace, you’ll probably have a friend for life. Zac Bruner, the machinist at ICD has offered to make the casing, if only we can figure out the insides! For the full how-to, including source code and hardware, click the image (


iNecklace via adafruit

Last, anyone who’s interested in the backend of the distillery can sign up for the Saturday “Hard Hat” Distillery tour at 3pm. It lasts about an hour. Costs $5. Space is limited.


Sign up for the “Hard Hat” Distillery Tour

For more on Crafternoon, go to the Facebook event page here:

And here’s more about the free Captains of Industry Comedy Show that starts at 9pm:


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CAUGHT CRAFTING: SMPCraft’s Spotlight on NYC Commuters Crafting

SMPCRAFT #CAUGHTCRAFTING Wednesday morning, M Subway Knitter: knitting stylish gloves!


December Make a Snowflake Challenge

We haven’t had a winter snowflurry in NYC yet and who knows with our recent spell of tepid weather if it’ll happen anytime soon or even before we bid farewell to 2015. Since SMPCRAFT prefers the process of making over waiting, starting today until the end of 2015, we challenge you to make a snowflake! Use paper, yarn, wood, beads, paracord, pencil, ink, paint, sharpies, clay, concrete, metal, cake flour, sugar, chocolate…to create a dazzling snowflake. Make one snowflake or an entire blizzard! #MAKEASNOWFLAKE

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