Freebie Friday: Modern Calligraphy

18 Apr

‘Tis the season for celebrating weddings, graduations, religious holidays—and the end of a VERY long winter! Today we are giving you a little insight into the art of calligraphy. Calligraphy is about creating something uniquely beautiful while adding a handmade, personal touch.

Today’s FREEBIE DOWNLOAD: the fine art of modern calligraphy.

MC 28_29

Modern Calligraphy is the first book to teach this bold new lettering style—all with a modern twist. This book breaks the calligraphy process down into simple steps so anyone can learn to create their own stunning wedding invitations, thank you cards, gift tags, and much more!



Starting with an overview of the supplies, you will learn how to form letters, words, and then phrases by following clear step-by-step instructions, and by practicing with the provided templates. After mastering letter forms using a pointed pen and ink you can take it to the next level by learning how to use watercolor and gouache or how to digitize your calligraphy.


Barnes & Noble

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How To Tuesday: D.I.Y Instagram Calendar

8 Apr

It may be April, but it’s never too late to get (or make) yourself a new calendar. I was looking at fun ideas for DIY calendars and when I stumbled upon this post on A Beautiful Mess, I knew I’d hit the jackpot. Combining my favorite Instagram pictures with the calendar I consult daily is perfect!



It’s very easy and one would have all the materials required in their home.


12 subject images

Plain poster board

A mini calendar (or you can create your own calendar pages)




Decorative paper for the cover


Check out A Beautiful Mess for the details instructions. 

diy 1


diy 2

Look how great their calendar turned out!  Would you put pictures of your pets on your calendar as well?

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Goodreads Giveaway! 100 Lace Flowers to Crochet by Caitlin Sainio

6 Apr

Gorgeous Sunday here in NYC: blue skies, sunny, temperate. Since the weather here has been unreliable, I’m taking every chance I can get to enjoy Spring in all its glory. What’s on my itinerary? A long joyous stroll and eventually, a visit to The Orchid Show at The New York Botanical Gardens! If you’re lucky to be in NYC from now until April 21st, go go go!

And when the rain hits again, as it surely will in April, I’ve armed myself with indoor Spring at its best: crocheted blooms from Caitlin Sainio’s 100 Lace Flowers to Crochet: A Beautiful Collection of Decorative Floral and Leaf Patterns for Thread Crochet.

100LaceFlowerstoCrochetAvailable now at these retailers:

Barnes & Noble
Powell’s Books



Enter April 6 – April 9 for a chance to win 1 of 20 copies!

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Quintessentially Colorful: Will Taylor of Bright.Bazaar

3 Apr

This month we wanted to introduce you to our go-to expert in color, Will Taylor of the Bright.Bazaar blog—and new design book of the same name! Praised by design star Jonathan Adler as “a true talent with a keen eye,” Will guides you through making the most of the cornerstone of your life – where you live. Will posts almost daily on his Pinterest site; great examples below.



Also, check out a video where Will explains his color rules!



BrightBazaar (2)

Structured around the different spaces within the home, the book breaks down the how, when, and where of using different shades and color combinations. Will’s fun and lighthearted approach shows the reader how to look around for color inspiration and how to start to incorporate colors into both the smaller and larger components of a room like walls, floors, furniture, fabrics, and accessories.

Taylor’s vibrant and easy-to-follow guide to color offers readers the confidence they need to perfect their color choices.


Barnes & Noble
Powell’s Books

How-To Tuesday: Happy April Fool’s Day!

1 Apr


Oh, April Fool’s Day, we have such a love/hate relationship. This day of shenanigans is when we can regress into childhood without being too harshly judged (or so we hope—what fun!) But it’s also the day where we can get tricked and teased (not as much fun).

So, let me regress and show you how to make the classic whoopie cushion. Yes, whoopie cushion.


                                                    The whoopie cushion has been delighting and embarrassing people since the 1930s. Be a true connoisseur of pranks and read this great New York Times article about the history of whoopie cushions before you tackle this project. Because some tricks will never get old. And if they do, you just wait 365 days and it’s new all over again!

Image via FunEventsInc; Inspiration and instructions via eHow


* Two sheets of thin rubber

* Scissors

* Glue


1. Cut two matching balloon shaped pieces from the rubber sheets (the shape is basically a circle with a triangle at the bottom).

2. Glue the rubber together leaving an opening at the bottom for air to escape.

3. Blow into the opening to inflate the cushion

4. Place the cushion on an unsuspecting family member’s chair.

5. Laugh, smile, and wait for it to be your turn. You never know…



Image via GregBurdine

BONUS: Who knew there was a Museum of Hoaxes? More good laughs and some inspiration await. Happy April Fool’s Day. Be safe!

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