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21 Apr

CAUGHT CRAFTING: SMPCraft’s Spotlight on NYC Crafting


Thursday morning, Astoria, Queens. Accessorizing with a lovely temporary floral tattoo she learned to make from DIY Temporary Tattoos: Draw It, Print It, Ink It by Pepper Baldwin!



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8 Apr

Draw a Bird Day!

It’s sweet and inspiring the story behind the origins of Draw a Bird Day.


As recounted on, in 1943, Dorie Cooper, a seven year old living in England, visited her uncle who was wounded in the war; he had lost his right leg to a land mine, and, in an attempt to cheer him up, Dori asked her uncle to draw a bird for her. Despite being unwell, her uncle looked out his window and drew a picture of a robin. After Dorie saw the drawing, she proclaimed that he wasn’t a very good artist but would still hang the picture in her room. Dorie’s honesty and acceptance of the drawing lifted her uncle’s spirits as well as several other wounded soldiers. In fact, every time Dorie visited the hospital, the soldiers held drawing contests to see who could produce the best bird pictures. Within several months, the entire ward’s walls were decorated by bird drawings.

Tragically, three years later, Dorie was killed after being struck by a car. At her funeral, her coffin was filled with bird images that had been made by soldiers, nurses, and doctors from the ward where her uncle had been. Ever since then, those men and women remembered the little girl that brought hope to the ward by drawing birds on her birthday, April 8th.

While Draw a Bird Day was never declared an “official” holiday, today, it’s celebrated worldwide “as a way to express joy in the very simplest of things in life and as a way to help soldiers everywhere forget war and suffering even if only for a short time.”

To celebrate Draw a Bird Day, simply draw a bird and share it with someone. If you don’t quite know how to start, follow Pen and Ink Birds from Gillian Johnson’s How to Draw Everything. And feel free to invent your own birds!





Happy Draw a Bird Day everyone!

Interested in learning how to draw people? Faces? Animals? Flowers? Get your copy of How To Draw Everything now and get to drawing!

Barnes & Noble

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7 Apr

CAUGHT CRAFTING: SMPCraft’s Spotlight on NYC Crafting


#TBT Thursday, Flatiron building. Macmillan crafters knitting hats and scarves for a cause: Women in Need, Inc. and The Salvation Army’s Women’s Residence. 


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25 Mar

CAUGHT CRAFTING: SMPCraft’s Spotlight on NYC Crafting


Thursday, Flatiron building. DIY Upcycler doing a “Blind Date with a Book” for Twitter! The wrapping paper is from an old Trader Joe’s paper bag, the ribbon from a ripped Victoria’s Secret bag, and the stickers are from her co-workers’s recent office re-org.


What’s beneath the wrapping paper? Bet Me by NY Times best selling author Jennifer Crusie, which our Upcycler got at Free Book day and is one of her favorites!

IMG_2207 (1)


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19 Feb

CRAFT FASHION ALERT: PARACORD Jewelry + Free Project Downloads!

Fashion Week in NYC officially ended yesterday and since paracord (aka parachute cord)–one of the most forgiving, fun, and affordable materials to design and craft with–was noticeably absent (Wha?) from the runways, we’re having our very own mini paracord design showcase here!

To kickstart the Friday fun, we’re giving you TWO (2) FREE PROJECT DOWNLOADS from Made in Paracord: 25 Great Jewelry, Accessories, and Home Projects to Knot by Caitlin Wynne:

Download for free here, the SIMPLE NECKLACE and the BRACELET WITH BLING!


Free Project Download: Simple Necklace from Made in Paracord



Free Project Download: Bracelet with Bling from Made in Paracord

Want to make more with paracord? All of the projects in Made in Paracord are modern, fun, beautiful and require virtually no skills. Create your own pieces to keep or give as a handmade gift!

Maybe this plant holder?


DIY Paracord Plant Holder

 What about this pot or pencil holder?


DIY Paracord Pot or Pencil Holder

Or this chair… which I’m dying to make myself…


DIY Paracord Chair

Look! A dog leash!


DIY Paracord Dog Leash

 Find these fabulous, affordable, simple paracord craft projects and more in Made in Paracord–at your favorite bookseller:

Paracord cover

Barnes & Noble
Powell’s Books

Happy weekend crafting!

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CAUGHT CRAFTING: SMPCraft’s Spotlight on NYC Crafting

SMPCRAFT #CAUGHTCRAFTING Thursday morning, Astoria, Queens. Accessorizing with a lovely temporary floral tattoo she learned to make from DIY Temporary Tattoos: Draw It, Print It, Ink It by Pepper Baldwin!


December Make a Snowflake Challenge

We haven’t had a winter snowflurry in NYC yet and who knows with our recent spell of tepid weather if it’ll happen anytime soon or even before we bid farewell to 2015. Since SMPCRAFT prefers the process of making over waiting, starting today until the end of 2015, we challenge you to make a snowflake! Use paper, yarn, wood, beads, paracord, pencil, ink, paint, sharpies, clay, concrete, metal, cake flour, sugar, chocolate…to create a dazzling snowflake. Make one snowflake or an entire blizzard! #MAKEASNOWFLAKE

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